June 2022 update

Posted by Rebecca Scott on

After an unusual but extremely busy couple of years, here's our latest update. 

This spring's weather has meant that our sempervivums have grown really well and they're looking great as the summer begins.

We had to shut down our online shop for a week in March, shortly after reopening following the winter closure. The reason was the same that we closed early at the beginning of September last year: a filming project. I presented a comprehensive series of 42 films on the psychology of attitude - basically, how to be the best you can be. A few of these films were shot outdoors, in stunning locations in the Lake District and throughout the Scottish Highlands.

There's always a learning curve and I steadily got better at talking to camera. It seems a long time ago that we recorded "How to plant sempervivums in a trough" - see our "Advice" page - which was my first attempt. Anyway, a film we recorded on the Isle of Skye was Film No 30 in the series. As it was filmed at the beginning of this 7-month project,  out of sequence, when it came to do the editing we realised it was no longer good enough - because I'd meanwhile got better at presenting. The important subject matter demanded that I did my best. So we headed back up north again to reshoot most of this film on oneness experiences. If you're interested, it's embedded below for you to watch.

Looking ahead, we're off to the US for four weeks in October. I'll be presenting another film - this time on UAP, which is the currently preferred term for UFOs. You might know that, recently, the US government is taking seriously this matter of unidentified objects in our skies that appear to demonstrate some unknown breakthrough technology. Congress is asking probing questions, and the US Navy is perplexed by what some of their elite pilots and sophisticated radar systems are seeing. We've got a mini-series of three films meticulously planned - as our charity work happens to give us a useful perspective on what might be going on - with the middle one to be recorded on location in five US States. If you want to know what's recently been happening around this subject, which has moved on from it being tarnished with the giggle factor, you can find out more here https://www.evolvefirst.org/uap - where I'm the chief editor.