Our delivery costs are kept as low as possible. We charge £4.85 for postage and packing (anywhere within England, Scotland, Wales, Jersey & Guernsey - but, unfortunately, we cannot deliver to Northern Ireland because of outrageous EU regulations). There is a minimum order of £15.00 excluding postage - which is just four or five sempervivums, for example. Delivery is by Royal Mail, 1st Class. Orders are taken to the Post Office on Tuesday mornings and will usually be delivered the next day. (Orders must be placed no later than 5.30pm on the Monday.) 

Sempervivums are sent bare root, with the soil removed, individually wrapped and labelled, to keep postage costs to a minimum. They travel well this way, will easily establish after arrival, and it's best for the environment (as well as keeping costs down). As a guide to plant size, they're grown at our nursery in 9cm pots - so you're getting established plants. Cacti and succulents are sent differently; some will be posted intact with soil and pot, whereas others will be bare root, according to what we think is best for safe transportation of the specific plant.

We purposely re-use materials for packaging. We get newspaper from our neighbours and boxes from local shops. It's environmentally friendly, reducing waste.

Please note that sempervivums change appearance at different times of the year, so they might not look exactly like the photo on arrival depending on which month your order is placed. That said, you have our guarantee that a variety is true and correctly named. And the photos are all ours, taken by my husband - who is a photographer and author, as well as nurseryman - and not "jazzed up".

Placing an order is easy. Choose and add plants to your basket, then pay securely online at checkout.

This is a simple but reliable online business. We do not offer a telephone service, nor is the nursery open to visitors anymore. Please see our "Advice" page for details of how to care for your plants.

On extremely rare occasions, I make a mistake. In the unlikely event of something going wrong, please contact me immediately at and I'll correct the problem as soon as possible. Royal Mail is reliable, but if your order hasn't arrived within a few days after you know it's been posted, again, please email.

Cancelled orders, through no fault of our own, before plants are ready for posting, will incur a small deduction from the refunded money to cover payment transaction costs. 

We look forward to receiving your order.