November 2022: New films now out on YouTube

Posted by Rebecca Scott on

We've recently returned from a 4-week filming trip to the US (Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico). The main purpose was to shoot the middle film of a mini-series of three films about UFOs or UAP - "The best UFO cases and what they suggest".

These three films have just been released on YouTube. Here's the first film:

And here's the second one (filmed in the US):

And the third and final one of this mini-series:

When we wrote, in a previous news update, earlier in the year, that we were going to do this, a customer emailed us with his own UFO sighting from years ago. If anyone else has had such an experience, please do get in touch.

The US authorities are now taking this UFO or UAP matter seriously, with Congress using legal language such as "technology surprise and unknown unknowns". You can read more about everything here, where I'm the chief editor: