Sempervivum of the month: June 2018

Posted by Rebecca Scott on

Our "sempervivum of the month" for June 2018 is 'Traffic Lights'. This is a recent British-bred variety that stands out from the crowd. My capable husband struggles to photograph it, failing each time to capture this plant's excellent appearance. 'Traffic Lights' might not the best name in terms of an exact description - because it doesn't turn red, amber, green - but it does shift well between shades of purple and green. 

A lot of our sempervivum varieties and species are now sold out, as you'll probably have noticed, and more types are close to joining this list. Whereas we've been delighted with the response to the new online shop side of our nursery business, seeing plants go out all over the UK, we also appreciate it might be disappointing for you not to now have a full range of sempervivums to choose from. Thankfully, nurserymen are always planning ahead and my husband has been busy propagating - but the plants do take time to grow. 

Meanwhile, in addition to 'Traffic Lights', I would strongly recommend the following varieties: 'Densum', 'Virgil', 'Greyfriars', 'Bronco', 'Reinhard', and S. calcareum 'Guillaumes'. Plus our two previous choices for "sempervivum of the month": 'Veughelen' and 'Sprite'.

Finally, a massive "Thank you" again to you all.