Twelve new sempervivums added

Posted by Rebecca Scott on

Twelve new varieties have just been added to our range of "simply the best" sempervivums. 'Devil's Touch' was awarded Sempervivum of the Year 2019, with 'Teide' in 2nd place. 'Picasso' won Sempervivum of the Year 2018. 'Eyjafjalla' - named after the volcano in Iceland which disrupted air traffic across Europe in 2010 - has come close to winning, with high rankings on several occasions. 'Gargamel', 'Magic Morning', Poollicht', 'Rosenhugel', and 'Sonnenkuss' are all outstanding modern varieties - but, surprisingly, not yet award winners - that we're also pleased to introduce to sempervivum enthusiasts here in the UK. Finally, we've also added three worthy classic/older varieties : 'Blue Moon', 'Flasher', and 'State Fair'. (The photographs below are of 'Devil's Touch' and 'Rosenhugel'.)