Euphorbia milii

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Euphorbia milii has a long history with us. We grew it in a small garden at our medical clinic in Sudan, which we established and managed for 25 years. We also grow it in our educational display of cacti and other succulents at Komsberg Wilderness Nature Reserve in South Africa. And so, of course, we have to produce it here in Sussex - where it's much slower and smaller growing. Attractive clusters of bright red flowers all year round when kept indoors and watered even during the winter months, set against contrasting lush mid-green leaves. As it's somewhat difficult to send branching plants by post, we are offering a non-rooted cutting for sale. The cutting will be 3-4 inches or 8-10cms in length. On arrival, use a 50:50 mix of any compost and horticultural grit in a very small pot so as to allow free draining. Water sparingly and keep in good light, but not direct sunlight until after the cutting has rooted (which usually happens in 3-4 weeks). Once rooted, water more than for most other succulents. This great plant must be kept well above freezing during the colder months.